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Executive Board

The Association is one of the oldest law enforcement bargaining units in the State of New Jersey and in The United States.

President’s Message

The Superior Officers’ Association, as the exclusive bargaining representative for its members owes a single duty to those we represent, the “duty of fair representation”. This duty provides that the S.O.A. uses fair procedures in the way it processes complaints and that it applies these procedures consistently.

The duty of fair representation allows the S.O.A. to freely make decisions as to the merits of a grievance, and to weigh economic costs of the grievance against the likely outcome. This is not to say that economic costs are always the most important aspect in this decision
process. In many cases the result of a grievance, and the effect that this result will have on future proceedings, could be far more important than the financial costs incurred.

The duty of fair representation applies only to matters which are within the scope of collective bargaining over which the union is the exclusive representative of the employees. Accordingly, a union has no obligation to provide representation to members in matters which are outside the scope of collective bargaining such as furnishing a lawyer in private actions or representing a member before a personnel or civil service board.

The S.O.A. is deeply committed to the concept of fair representation to all of our members. If you feel that you have been grieved, contact your local representative, or the S.O.A. office directly to fully discuss the matter.

To Lead & Serve

The Association is also, the largest municipal superior officers association in the State of New Jersey representing approximately 275 active members. Our motto is “To Lead and Serve”.


Captain John J. Chrystal III


Captain Sérgio B. Pereira

1st Vice President

Lieutenant Ochieng Dennard

2nd Vice President

Captain John Patela


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Lieutenant Thomas Ruane

Service Officer
Captain Christopher Brown

Captain Christopher Brown

Broad Street Ops
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Captain Mark Hulse

Maps/5th Precinct

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4th precinct
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Lieutenant Josue Duran

31 Green Street

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Metro/9th Precinct